What is normal pentane ,what usage of pentane

N-Pentane, a chemical formula C5H12, the fifth member of an alkane. N-pentane has two isomers: isopentane (boiling point 28 ° C) and neopentane (boiling point 10 ° C), the term "pentane" usually refers to n-pentane, its linear isomer .
Usage of normal pentane
1. It is used as a low boiling point solvent, a plastic industrial foaming agent, and is also used together with 2-methylbutane as a fuel for automobiles and airplanes, for manufacturing artificial ice, an anesthetic, for synthesizing pentanol, isopentane, and the like.
2. Gas chromatographic analysis standards. Used as an anesthetic, solvent, cryogenic thermometer, and for the manufacture of artificial ice, pentanol, isopentane, and the like.
3. For the preparation of standard gas, calibration gas and as a molecular sieve desorbent.
4. Used as a solvent, gas chromatography reference solution and anesthetic. Also used in organic synthesis and in the manufacture of cryogenic thermometers.
5. Used as a solvent to make artificial ice, an anesthetic, and synthesize pentanol, isopentane, and the like.

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